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Solares bauen GmbH was founded in 1999 in collaboration with Solares Bauen Group at the Fraunhofer research institute for solar energy systems (Fraunhofer ISE). Our engineers are trained at Fraunhofer ISE research institute or in planning offices with many years of practice. At solares bauen it is our conviction that a close ínterconnection between research and development is of great benefit to clients. Besides the Freiburg headquarters, solares bauen has meanwhile set up branch offices in Straßburg and Berlin.

Solares bauen GmbH consults and plans on a product-neutral basis on the following topics: Passive house, energy supply, energy saving, ventilation, thermal insulation, rain water, waste water, to name but a few. Projections regarding indoor climate, natural light and energy requirements can be generated by means of computer simulation. As regards technical subsections (MEP & MSR), all services are provided, ranging from planning through to building supervision. This ensures that the concept’s inherent ideas are implemented in the completed property.

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