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Feasibility of Climate-Friendly & Socially Responsible Construction - An Overview

with the example of Freiburgs new district Dietenbach


May 25th | 05:00 pm - 7:15 pm

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With: Martin Horn - mayor of Freiburg i.Br., Tobias Nusser - EGS plan,

Martin Ufheil - solares bauen, moderation: Bernward Janzing - journalist and author

Venue: Solar Info Center | Emmy Noether Str. 2 | ETAGE on the 1st floor | Room Conference

When it comes to sustainability, the construction industry is considered a key sector for meeting the agreed2 targets for reducing CO2 emissions nationwide

At the same time, the image that sustainable construction is expensive and therefore not socially responsible is a constant companion - others say myth - in this discussion.

The current challenge of climte change and carbon neutrality can no longer be met at the building level alone. For existing buildings, the efficiency of individual buildings continues to be optimized. For new construction, however, a more complex planning approach of entire residential quarters is increasingly coming into focus. In this event, we will first provide a nationwide overview of the costs of sustainable residential developments and point out qualified solution approaches for cost-optimized sustainable residential developments.

The second part of the event will take a look at Freiburg: Freiburg is already aiming for carbon neutrality in 2038. Therefore, those responsible for the development of the Dietenbach residential area are focusing on both tasks, keeping their own contribution to global warming as low as possible and continuing to build for its growing population in a socially responsible manner. This means that ecology and economic quality must work together under one roof, along with other factors such as sociocultural and functional quality.

Please click here for the recording

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